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Languages & Tourism Centre Georgia is a language school locatied in Tbilisi. Students from all over the world since 2010, who choose to study at our language centre will enjoy a quality learning experience in a friendly and supportive environment. Our school has 12 years experience of teaching languages, #1 private language school in Georgia started teaching of Russian and Georgian languages to foreigners.

We have wonderful teachers, facilities, accommodation and excursions. Our beautiful city Tbilisi offers old city history, traditions, shopping, sports, walks and activities all in easy walking distance.

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Why you should choose Tbilisi as destination for your language course?

The city with the charme

Tbilisi - beautiful balconies, narrow streets, nice churches and historic places.

Amazing culture and cuisine

Explore culture & traditions, tasting famous Georgian wines, Khachapuri, Khinkali etc.

Safe, cheap & interesting

Safe country, cheap accommodation and food, a lot of interesting places to visit.

No visa need up to 1 year

Travel without visa, stay and work up-to 1 year. A lot of flights from Tbilisi & Kutaisi airports.

What Our Students Are Saying

Teacher of russian was much more that I had hoped for. She demonstrated much patience in constructively correcting every single sentence that I spoke. It also was very interesting talking with her.

Alex, Germany

Lika is a really good teacher and has made the lessons good fun! I am going to miss her lessons when I am back in England! I will miss you very much Lika!

Holly, UK

I feel that my lessons with Lika has taught me so much about the Georgian Language and Georgian culture. Even though it was a short time for learning, I believe I can now speak Georgian. Thanks to my Great teacher, Lika.

Betty, USA


12 reasons, why you should learn languages in Georgia